Top 5 Places To Eat on Thanksgiving Day

Let's face it, sometimes we run out of time and life is  just too difficult to accommodate a large group and various palettes/restrictions/etc. for our loved ones. There are other times when we just want to keep things low-stress and fun and easy.  If you want to forget the traditional Thanksgiving at home meal and eat out, here are 5 of the Top Places in Macon to dine on Turkey Day.

1.  S&S Cafeteria

S&S Cafeteria  has a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner with all the fixings ready for you!
They will be open from 11am to 6pm at Both of their Macon Locations.


2.   IHOP

Stop in for breakfast while the turkey’s in the oven or on your way to visit friends and family. All restaurant locations will be open from 7 a.m. - 2 p.m. or later


3.  grow

Grow will be open from 11am-3pm and will be serving up some amazing dishes to round out your Thanksgiving meal. Let Saralyn and her wonderful staff take care of the ham and turkey, dressing and sides.  All pre-order side dishes must be picked up by 11am, and be sure to get enough so everyone can have seconds. Grow requires a pre-order notice so you have plenty of time to plan your holiday meal options.  To see Grow's Thanksgiving menu click HERE.  For dine in, please call ahead and make reservations.

4.  cracker barrel

Cracker Barrel is the old faithful for places to eat on holidays, road trips and when in need of a stick to your ribs meal.  They will be offering a traditional Thanksgiving meal starting at 11am and have all the sides & deserts to round out your feast.


5.  waffle house

Waffle House never closes.  Every Waffle House is open all day every day of the year.  Waffle House is so good about being open all the time, FEMA actually uses something called the Waffle House Index to determine the severity of hurricane damage. Green means Waffle House is open and running at full capacity. Yellow means limited menu. Red means it's closed, and its serious.

Waffle House has 11 locations in Macon to serve you.


If your not dining out this Thanksgiving, order in with our TOP 10 Places To Pick Up Thanksgiving Dinner in Macon