Top 5 Places to Metal Detect in Macon

Did you or someone you know an avid detector looking for new locations to peruse?   We have scoured the county for some of the best locales to detect and have done your dirty work for you!  So, grab your detector, your shovel and check out these 5 excellent Macon locations to use your metal detector for treasure and relic hunting!

Keep in mind that the older the place, the higher probability of finding quality relics.  Take a trip to Washington Memorial Library's genealogy department and do a little research and see if you can create your own Top 5 places to detect. 

Disclaimer:  If you are metal detecting in Georgia, do not trespass on private property and be sure to follow the State and Local Laws.  You can read more about the ARPA law HERE.

1.  central city park

Central City Park began life as a horse track and developed into a one mile and one half mile dirt oval. Items such as tokens and old coins have been found recently in the area of the horse park.

2.  school grounds

Look for old schools or former school house locations.  Some of these schools had corner stones with the date on them, others have a plaque in the entrance where you can usually see it if you peer through the front doors.  It is not hard to distinguish an old school from the new modern types.  The old schools have either been lost to fire or have been torn  torn down with a new school built right onto the old property.  A little research into former schools in Macon would pay off.

3.  crumps park

Located at the end of the streetcar line, Crumps Park was located off Vineville Avenue, which today is bounded by Ridge Avenue, Ingleside Avenue and Vista Circle. In the summer, there were plays every night, concerts in the afternoon and other attractions, such as a shooting gallery, roller coaster, alligator pond, deer park, casino, an electrical theater and a moving picture show.  The park remained popular through the pre-war years and closed shortly before WWI.

4.  camp wheeler

Camp Wheeler was a United States Army base near Macon, Georgia. The camp was a staging location for many US Army units during World War I and World War II.  There is a map of Camp Wheeler located at Washington Library that can help you plan out your hunt. 

5.  churches

Churches are an excellent place to metal detect because they hold the oldest coins.  Why?  Because churches are usually the oldest building in the community!  They were probably the first buildings erected after the homes were built.  Every Sunday all of the community would gather at the church and children would play on both sides, front, and in back of the church.  Trees are great places to search under at an old church.  It was a good place to get out of the sun on a hot day and children loved to climb and play in them.

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