Top 5 Playgrounds

So many childhood memories can be made on a playground. Maybe its flying high on the swings, or a castle looking over the  kingdom, or  the climb then the exhilaration of the slide. Whatever the interests of your child, one thing is for certain : There's almost no better way to pass the hours than on a playground. We've rounded up 5 of our favorites for you an your child to enjoy. 

Tatnall Square Park 

Situated on an entire city block across from Mercer University, this park offers picnic space, a play ground, a picnic pavilion available for private party rental, and shady spaces under the massive tree canopy. Tattnall Square Park is a favorite watering hole and social gathering place. Located in the heart of the College Hill Corridor, the park is a popular event site for free public movie screenings, cultural festivals and special events. More info>>

Amerson River Park 

Amerson River Park contains 180 acres of pristine forests, meadows, and wetlands surrounded by a river oxbow. The park boasts several high bluffs that provide beautiful views of the River and its banks. However, Amerson River Park is more than just a beautiful place to admire nature. From a state-of-the-art playground to a canoe launch, the Park offers exciting amenities that families, adventurous outdoorsmen, and nature lovers will enjoy.

NOTICE: Only open weekends until July, while refurbishment is completed.

OHT- Spring Street Landing

Spring Street Landing is often thought of as where the Trail begins. Right off of the Spring Street Bridge, just before you get to the interstate ramp, Spring Street Landing is on your right. Here you will find a playground, public art, and a boat ramp where canoes, kayaks and tubes can take out. This is the southernmost public take-out before you reach Hawkinsville.

Henry Burns Park 

Located in Ingleside this quaint little playground is one of those spots that you think no one else knows about! There's nothing fancy about it, but located near IVP its the perfect spot to let the kids burn some calories after a big pizza dinner. The park also has public tennis courts. 

Liberty Park 

Located on Upper River Road, Liberty Park is worth the drive. With big wide grassy areas for kids to run free as well as a large playground Liberty Park is a tired parents haven. The gazebo within sight of the play area offers a way for parents to stay in the shade while the kids climb, slide and swing the day away.