Top 5 Reasons to Despise Alabama Football

To be read with tongue firmly planted in cheek. We love all College football fans here at Gateway, but with this weekend’s big game on the horizon we could not help making fun of our home state rivals.

So for all you Georgia Bulldog fans out there, here is our Top 5 Reasons Why the Bulldog Nation Despises Alabama Football this weekend.

1.  houndstooth

Thanks to one man’s hat, millions of Alabama fans don some form of the trademarked houndstooth pattern.  Alabama fans have been strutting around in houndstooth long before polyester was fashionable; as a tribute to Paul Bear Bryant.  But the funny thing is, Paul Bryant didn’t even wear houndstooth, he wore regular plaid.  Bear Bryant didn’t start wearing a houndstooth hat until he was given one in 1968 by a Birmingham tailor (any “houndstooth” hat you may possibly see before then is merely checked, the tailor claims).  Whether you love it or loathe it, wherever Alabama is on game day fans drenched in houndstooth are sure to follow!

2.  Alabama fans

Alabama fans were named the No. 1 rude and arrogant fan base in America.  Even fans of other SEC teams throw out words like "redneck," "inbred," and "mullet" when describing Alabama fans.  Most of Alabama’s fan base couldn’t locate Tuscaloosa on a map let alone program it into a GPS.  The irony of Nick Saban's success is that the University of Alabama can't find enough smart kids to meet enrollment guidelines at the school anymore. Over half of Bama's incoming freshman class last year came from outside the state.


3.  roll tide roll

ROLL TIDE, is the highly laughed upon rally cry that is screamed aloud by zealous undergraduates who usually have no clue to its real meaning.  The phrase is pronounced ROWL TIDE and should be translated as ROLL TIDE.  A little digging on-line produced this definition of what is often called the most annoying chant of all of College football: The term Crimson Tide was coined in 1907 when Alabama played Auburn on a muddy field and stained the uniforms red. Hugh Roberts, the sports editor for the Birmingham Age-Herald, described the team as Crimson Tide because of the mud and coined the term "roll tide" to reference the way they ran onto the field (rolling like a tide).  The players came onto the field in what appeared to be a red, rolling tide.

4.  2008 blackout

That September evening in Athens, Georgia in 2008 continues to be a mythical night to Alabama fans far and wide.  Alabama fans stand by the claim it was this game that Alabama blacked out Georgia and that September evening was the night the lights went out in Georgia.  But Georgia fans across the globe know otherwise; it was the night of the Miss Georgia World pageant where Suzanne Sugarbaker’s fire soaked baton hit a transformer, not the September 27th game of 2008, that was the night the lights went out in Georgia.   

5.  national championships

Alabama has had 13 National Championships. 
Well it depends on who you ask.

Debatable? It is and has been debated thousands of times. Many, many man hours and copious amounts of money have been wasted trying to set straight Alabama's 13 National Titles.  In addition to the championships claimed by the Alabama, the NCAA lists Alabama as receiving a championship for the 1945, 1966, 1975, and 1977 college football seasons. However, those championships are not claimed by Alabama.