Top 5 Residential Treasures - EAST MACON

Macon may be a relatively young city, but her surviving historic homes have borrowed elements of architectural style from all over the world.  For those inspired by the past, here are 5 Top Residential Treasures of East Macon.

1.  1464 twin pines

Built in 1941, this grand Dunwody designed Georgian brick residence boast spectacular details and is blissfully tucked away in Shirley Hills.


2.  1161 nottingham Drive

This beautiful historic brick Georgian home is a Dunwody designed home built in 1937.

3.  1386 Waverland Drive

Former residence of the late A. E. Barnes, III, this once ranch style home built in 1946 was overhauled in the 80's and became one of Macon's most treasured showpiece's.  Located on the grounds are elaborate fountains, oriental gardens and its very own church.


4.  907 summit ave

One of Macon's oldest homes, the McLeod-Melrose house was built in 1802.  Once a trading post, the bottom level of this home boasts 27 inch thick walls built to repel arrows and withstand a potential Indian attack.  The upper level of the home was added in 1833, just 10 years after Macon was founded.

5.   1158 oakcliff Road

The hallmarks of Spanish style homes are emulated in this classic 1928 residence that captures Spanish building traditions of the old country.

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