Top 5 Residential Treasures - DOWNTOWN

Macon, Georgia has preserved many of its early downtown homes, many dating from the late 19th century. Macon's downtown district is full of great places to live.  Here are our Top 5 Downtown Residential Treasures.

1.  1066 magnolia street

This brick structure was built in 1870 to house the engines that pumped water from the nearby springs in Washington Park to a 90-foot tall water tower that was located in a park on Orange Street near the head of High Street. The new system allowed the houses on College Hill to receive city water. Three cisterns located behind the engine house, which had been constructed prior to 1880, held 150,000 gallons of water. The springs in the park supplied water for both downtown and the residences on the hill. This structure is now a private residence.


2.  1144 georgia avenue

This distinctive 1884 townhouse showcases the delightful juxtaposition of fish-scaled, multicolored slate, stone stringing, quoins, delicate wrought iron and salmon-colored brick. Note the mansard roof, a distinctive roof style designed by the 17th century French architect, Francois Mansard.



3.  1183 georgia avenue

One of two National Historic Landmark houses in Macon, this Greek-Revival residence was built in 1848 in the style of a modified Greek cross with a central rotunda featuring a spiral staircase that ascends to the octagonal cupola. The main rooms feature windows on three sides for maximum ventilation, important in the days before central air conditioning. This residence's original design plans are on file in the Library of Congress.

4.  1013 bond street

This Queen Anne-style residence has had a commanded view over downtown Macon and Coleman Hill Park since 1884. This residence was originally part of the Bond property which was sold and sub-divided in 1872.

5.  938 high street

Designed in 1845, this residence was built by S. S. Dunlap, president of Dunlap Hardware Company and vice-president of the Exchange Bank of Macon. 

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