Top 5 Restaurants Missing From Macon

Just as music from the past can stir up old memories of good times spent with friends and family, so, too, can the smells of certain foods from your favorite restaurants. Those cherished restaurants you visited after church or the after school hang-outs may be long gone, but they are not forgotten.

1.  lum's

Lum's was originally located at 3439 Pio Nono Ave.  After Lum's closing, Polly's La Mesa opened in its place.

3439 Pio Nono Avenue


2.  burger chef

Burger Chef had two locations serving in Macon.  One former location was across the railroad tracks in front of the Payne City Mill @ 3272 Vineville Avenue (previously Just-a-Biscuit) and the second location was @ 2740 Riverside Drive (next to Riverstreet Corner Shopping Center).


3272 Vineville Avenue

2740 Riverside Drive

3.  ponderosa steak house

The Ponderosa Steak House was located @ 3607 Pio Nono Avenue.  Anderson's Diner now occupies the former steak house and much of the exterior facade has remained unchanged.

3607 Pio Nono Avenue

4.  the shrimp boat

The Shrimp Boat had 3 Macon locations.  One location was @ 778 Riverside Drive near New Street.  Another Shrimp Boat restaurant was on Vineville Avenue next to Hoyt's as well as a location on Rocky Creek Road.

778 Riverside Drive

2978 Vineville Avenue

3535 Pio Nono Ave (Pio Nono At Rocky Creek)

5.  The bell house Restaurant & Drive-in

The Bell House Restaurant was located @ 188 Third Street on the corner of Third Street and Walnut Avenue in downtown Macon.

Third Street and Walnut Avenue

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