Top 5 ways to survive Valentine's Day if You're Single

We all know that Valentine's Day (VD) is a confectionery holiday made up by the people at Hallmark to sell greeting cards. That knowledge does little to take the sting out of a day dedicated to Love and Romance if you are single. Our Gatekeeper's decided to put together a Top 5 list to help those that are relationship-challenged to survive the upcoming day for lovers only. So, with tongue firmly planted in cheek please enjoy our TOP 5 Ways to Survive Valentine's Day While Single list....

1. Avoid All Restaurants 

If you are single on February 14th you have two options for dinner; Order pizza delivery or stock up on frozen dinners in advance. Of course, we all know that cooking for one really sucks, but going out to eat on Valentine's day is a fate worse then death for those without a Plus One. Not eating at all is a good option as well, think of it as a Valentine's Day Diet ;) If you must go out to get food then we recommend using our TOP 5 List for the Best Chinese Takeout.  When reading your fortune cookie always remember to add the words "... in bed" at the end of the fortune.  It could be your only laugh at the end of an otherwise depressing day!

2. Avoid Watching Television

Everyone in the advertising business will have some kind of cute commercial or promotional event scheduled to run on February 14th.  Most of the network stations will be running endless Valentines themed specials and The Lifetime Network will be featuring a non-stop marathon of Sleepless in Seattle or some other equally sappy love story. Pick up a book (We recommend one of theses choices) and force yourself to read, because watching TV will be a painful experience on VD.

3. Turn your phone off & avoid social media

There is nothing worse than having one of your attached friends calling to tell you about the wonderful gift or flowers their lover got them for Valentine ’s Day. After that you will have to sit through “The Speech” on how you need to get out there and find someone special.  It would also be a really good idea to not take that phone call from your Mother on Valentine's Day. Invariably, mom is going ask if you have a date tonight and when you fess up to the fact you are spending another Valentine’s Day alone mom will tell say she will always be your Valentine (sigh). Definitely avoid the phone. Go online at your own peril to view all the nauseating posts of love and happiness everyone will be sharing in your  social network. Oh yeah, Gateway Macon will be running Top 5 lists all about Valentine's Day as well, so you should skip visiting our site on that day too. 

4. Throw a Singles Party

Chances are you have more than a few fellow single friends, give them a call and throw yourself a real love hating party. Misery loves company so be sure to spend the entire time bashing your friends with significant others or the significant others of your friends. Feeling really vengeful? Find a heart shaped piñata and a baseball bat and swing away your Valentines Day blues. In all seriousness, getting together with fellow singles and not dwelling on your lack of significant other-ness is an excellent way to make sure that February 14th passes by with minimal tears.  You can also combine this pick with #5 below for enhanced effects. 

5. Get Drunk Enough to Forget it’s Valentine’s Day

Now let’s be responsible- so stock up the day before and spend Valentines Day in a stupor induced by alcohol and chocolate. Treat yourself to the top shelf, it is a holiday after all.  The accompanying activity to the drinking, binge on your favorite non love related TV show. If you find yourself at a bar - be sure to cab it home.  In case it needs restating, keep that phone off- no drunk dialing or drunk tweeting. You’ll thank us later for that suggestion. We realize that this might not be the best coping mechanism, but it had to make the list because we're pretty sure its one of the more popular ways to "celebrate" the holiday.  We recommend talking to the nice folks at Off The Vine to select an appropriate wine for your V Day stupor >>>

Happy (anti) Valentine's Day From Gateway Macon!

We have not forgotten about those of you who are in love! If your love is new then please read TOP 5 Things for New Love. If you love has withstood the test of time you might enjoy reading TOP 5 Things for Old Lovers. If you are looking for a romantic restaurant for Valentines Day we have that covered here >>>