Top 5 for Bowl of Soup

On a chilly day in the heart of Georgia there is nothing better than a pipping hot bowl of soup to warm your soul. Our Gatekeeper's have sampled some of the best bowls of soup in town and have come up with the definitive TOP 5 list for the Best Bowl of Soup in Town.

1. Joe D's

We are always impressed with Joe D’s Selection of Soups! It always seems to be a wet and cold day when I wheel into Joe D’s with my mouth set on a cup of steaming soup. Served out of huge black pots perched on the counter, they are impossible to miss. An all-time favorite of mine is the chili, but their vegetable soup is a close second to grandma’s. The Brunswick stew is excellent as well!  They always have daily soups, so stop on by and see what’s on special. You won’t be disappointed!  They are only open for lunch, but once you go once you will find time to stop by again and again! See their enhanced listing>>


2. Panera Bread

While we always lean in favor of local merchants when doing our Top 5 lists, this time we made an exception. Panera in Macon on Tom Hill Dr. road got the 2nd highest amount of votes in our public opinion poll. Our social media channel got a lot of positive comments for Panera and our Gatekeeper staff members all had positive reviews of them as well. You can always find a wide selection of soup options from Broccoli & Cheddar to Creamy Tomato and several seasonal favorites. The soup in a bread bowl always uses fresh baked bread and the croutons that come with their soup are perfectly seasoned and crunchy.  

181 Tom Hill Sr Blvd
(478) 474-5451

3. Fountain of Juice

FOJ offers 2 soups of the day, which change daily.  It is so hard for me to pick just one of my favorites, so here is a mini top 5 within a top 5 (kind of like the movie Inception): 1. Cream of (anything)! 2. Hungarian Mushroom – Great for when you want a hearty yet light soup. 3. Butternut Squash –  a heavenly vegetable puree. 4. Turkey Chili - The rare jewel is a treat you don’t want to miss! 5. Carrot Ginger – This soup is the perfect balance of sweet and spicy.


4. El Sombrero 

Nothing is better than a hot bowl of caldo de pollo on a cold day! This traditional Mexican delight is always prepared with the freshest ingredients and served with warm tortillas at El Sombrero. Even better, they serve Mexican Chicken Soup year round! Regardless if it’s a cold day in December or just a rainy day in July you can find some of the best soup north of the border at El Som. We have sampled caldo de pollo at many Mexican restaurants and always find that El Sombrero does it just right!


5. Grow

If you want something that will not only warm your tummy but make you feel all tingly inside, look no further than the Potato Soup from Grow. It’s simply outstanding, an explosion of comfort flavors. It has got the most flavorful rich broth with bacon, cheese and chives, this soup simply can’t steer you wrong. If you’re lucky it will still be there when you go back for it, if not try whatever the soup of the day is. We promise you can’t go wrong at Grow. Read our Gateway Review>>


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Shelly’s in the Gateway
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