Top 5 Photo Spots in Macon

Macon is called the "city in a park" so it's no wonder we have some great locations for photography.  From scenic landscapes and architecture, wildlife, and portrait backdrops, here are the Top 5 Locations in Macon for Photographers.

1. Ocmulgee National Monument

Gateway Macon Georgia Top 5 Photography Locations Ocmulgee National Monument

Our number one location has some of the best views of Macon's skyline as well as some of the best chances to catch a shot of wildlife.  The view from the top of the Great Temple Mound makes the stair climbing worth the trip.  Walk their several miles of trails, and you'll have a chance to see an alligator, deer, bobcats, reptiles and a wide variety of birds.  Bring your long lens, comfortable shoes, and a lot of camera memory!

Occasionally during the year the Ocmulgee National Monument will have lantern-light tours.  This is an excellent opportunity for those craving the "golden hour" for those spectacular sundown photographs!

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2. Washington Park - Macon

Gateway Macon Georgia Top 5 Photography Locations

A favorite spot for outdoor portraits, Washington Park has a lot going for it.  The back and forth artificial stream over rocks creates a series of waterfalls on the elevation, providing an excellent backdrop for portrait as well as scenic photography.  A reflecting pool, as well as an abundance of seasonal flowers, trees, and even a few palm trees, make this an excellent stop for professional as well as amateur photographers.

3. The Hay House & Coleman Hill

Gateway Macon Georgia Top 5 Photography Locations Hay House

Located on Macon's Antebellum Trail and built in the 1850's, this beautiful example of Italian Renaissance Revival Style architecture a fantastic subject for any shutterbug, especially when it's elegantly decorated for the holidays.  A short walk up the street and you'll find yourself at Coleman Hill, with a wonderful elevated view of downtown Macon, and the Mercer Law School.

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4. Central City Park - Macon

Gateway Macon Georgia Top 5 Photography Locations Central City Park

Macon's Central City Park has been a notable stop for over 150 years.  Jefferson Davis spoke at the gazebo.  Babe Ruth played in Luther Williams Field.  And Clint Eastwood filmed "Trouble With The Curve" here.  Central City Park was home to the Georgia State Fair for over a hundred years, and several murals still exist.  With open fields, history structures, and small gardens, there is much for the photographer to capture.

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5. Rose Hill & Riverside Cemeteries

Gateway Macon Ga Top 5 Photo Locations in Macon Rose Hill and Riverside Cemeteries

With historic monuments and markers, Rose Hill and Riverside Cemeteries offer a peaceful location for photographers to work their craft.  Several times a year, often during spectacular astronomical events, photography classes are conducted here for amateur and professional alike.  There are night time tours during the month of October, with appearances by some of the more notable Spirits of Macon.

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Bonus Location: Macon's TARDIS

Gateway Macon Ga 24 Hours In Macon For Geeks TARDIS Little Free Library

Macon has several "Little Free Libraries" scattered across several parks.  The largest is designed like a TARDIS, and is a great photo location for any fans of Dr. Who!


Whovians can find the TARDIS at the James Park location on this map.

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