Top 5 Statues

Macon’s public art adds richness to the city’s landscape.  Throughout Macon, numerous statues tell the story of notable Maconites.  Their stories are ingrained in the city’s history, and have been memorialized in larger than life monuments.  Check out our Top 5 Statues, and let us know your favorite. 

1.  Otis Redding Statue

Ocmulgee Heritage Trail Gateway Park
Riverside Drive & MLK Jr. Blvd.

Legendary musician Otis Redding is memorialized in a life size statue at the beautiful Gateway Park trailhead of the Ocmulgee River Heritage Trail.  The statue was created by Bradley Cooley and his son Bradley Cooley, Jr., and was unveiled in 2003.  It is located on the banks of the Ocmulgee River, where he is depicted sitting on dock pilings, with a legal pad at his side. On the pad are the lyrics to probably his most famous song.

2.  Sgt. Rodney Davis Memorial

Linwood Cemetery Macon, GA

The memory of Macon’s only Medal of Honor recipient Sgt. Rodney M. Davis is memorialized in historic Linwood Cemetery.  Sgt. Rodney M. Davis lunged atop an enemy grenade at the expense of his own life on Sept. 6, 1967, and was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor at the White House on March, 26, 1969.  The 14 foot monument overlooks Interstate 75, and is a humbling reminder of the sacrifices made by our military.  Linewood Cemetery, established in 1894, is the final resting place for many of Macon’s African-American community.  Approximately 4,000 people are buried there, including Buffalo Soldiers; Spanish-American War veterans; Jefferson Long, the first African-American from Georgia to serve in Congress, and businessman Charles Douglass, founder of the Douglass Theater.

3.  William Wadley Monument

Intersection of Third and Mulberry Street

At the intersection of Third and Mulberry Streets in downtown Macon stands this statue of William Morrill Wadley, president of the Central of Georgia from January 1866 to August 1882.   The bronze statue was the work of New York sculptor Robert Cushing. It was unveiled on June 18, 1885. The inscription on the base reads:

William M. Wadley
Erected A.D. 1885 by the employees of the Rail Road and Steamship Companies of which he was the head.
To commemorate the life of a good man and the ability of a great railway manager who rose from their ranks to the presidency. 

4.  Jesse Mercer Statue

1501 Mercer University Drive, Macon, GA

Jesse Mercer was among the most influential of the University’s founders. A statue of Jesse Mercer, sitting on a park bench, is situated at the center of the University’s campus in Macon. The same statue is also found at the center of the Atlanta campus.

Mercer first-year students, to mark the beginning of their academic careers at the University, process across campus led by bagpipes, past the statue of Jesse Mercer, with Mercer faculty lining the sidewalk, into Willingham Auditorium for Convocation. By tradition, it is considered good luck for Mercer freshmen to rub Jesse Mercer’s head as they process by the statue.

5.  Confederate Monument

Second Street and Cotton Avenue, Macon, GA

The cornerstone of Macon’s Confederate monument was laid in 1878 by the Ladies’ Memorial Association.  The monuments official dedication was held in 1879 with the 10 foot tall Confederate soldier in position.  The marble statue represents those killed during the Civil War from 1861-1865.  The monument has been in its current location for over 50 years, but was once located on Mulberry Street near the courthouse.

Honorable Mention:

Little Martha Statue

Rose Hill Cemetery 

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