Top 5 Summer Fashion

The season has changed and so should your wardrobe as the summer heat rolls in.  Make sure that you have these summer fashion essentials in your closet this season.  Check out these styles available at local Macon boutiques, and let us know your favorite summer outfit.

1.  Maxi Dress

This classic summer dress should be at the top of your fashion list.  It can be casual or fancy, and is one of those outfits that looks good on just about anyone.

Where to get this look:
Magnolia Lace 
2389 Ingleside Ave, Macon, GA

2.  Romper

Rompers are not just for little girls!  This easy and cool summer look will soon be one of your favorites.

Where to get this look:
Karats and Keepsakes
4524 Forsyth Rd # 202, Macon, GA

3.  Neutral Bandeaus

Why?  Because visible bra straps are tacky!

Where to get this look: 
Ginger Michelle
5451 Bowman Rd #240, Macon, GA

4.  The Classic Summer Look

Tank, Shorts, Hat, Sunglasses, and Sandals are the essential classic summer look.  One stop at Rumor Boutique and you’ll be all set!

Where to get this look:
Rumor Boutique
4123 Forsyth Rd, Macon, GA

5.  Georgia Bracelet 

Keep Georgia on your mind during you summer travels with this unique bracelet from Southern Grace Creations.  It's a more stylish answer to the question "Where y'all from?"

Where to get this look: 
Southern Grace Creations
5080 Riverside Dr. Ste 230, Macon, GA

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