Top 5 Surprise Macon Facts Part 2

The wonders never cease in our fair city!  Here are 5 more surprise facts about Macon, Georgia.


TRUE or FALSE Answer: False Macon was never the permanent state capital of Georgia. See minor exception in item #2 below.

1.  Macon is Cursed

Legend has it that the banks of the Ocmulgee River are cursed by the elders of the Creek Nation. Way back in 1830 the US Government relocated the Creek Nation to the “Indian Territory” and it was around that time that the rumor started to spread about the curse. The curse itself is kind of odd, it simply states that those who settled along the banks of the Ocmulgee River would NEVER BE ALLOWED TO LEAVE! Depending on your opinion of Macon, the curse isn't too bad!

2.  Macon was the temporary state capital

By 1864 things were not going well for the Confederacy’s attempt to secede from the Union. After the fall of the then state capital in Milledgeville, the state government fled to Macon, Ga and in February of 1865 where a special assembly of the state government was held at Macon City Hall. Sherman’s march to sea quickly put an end to Macon’s brief stint as the temporary state capital.

3.  Macon was once buried in 16 inches of snow

In February of 1973 the Piedmont region of Georgia was hit by one of the biggest snowstorms of all time.Macon was buried in 16.5” of snow and with little or no ability to move that amount of snow the city was paralyzed. The storm was blamed for 31 deaths and the blizzard of ‘73 has since became folklore to those Maconite’s who lived through it.   

4.  Macon become an island in 1994

In 1994 Tropical storm stalled over the center of Georgia dropping 21 inch of rain over a 48 hour period. For a brief time Macon was completely cut off and surrounded by the resulting flood waters that severed all roads in and out of the city. While becoming an island to an inland sea of flood waters was a problem that did not last long, the resulting flooding of two major water treatment facilities was a disaster that would last for weeks after the flood waters receded. Macon basically had no running water for almost 30 days and fresh water had to trucked into distribution points for the residents.  Any one that lived through that experience believed Macon was curse for a different reason. Good news, Macon emerged from the flood with one of the most modern water treatment facilities in the US today!

5.  Macon is home to some famous people and great movies

From music greats like Otis Redding and Little Richard to Movie stars like Carrie Preston and Blake Clark, Macon has seen its share of fame from it's residents over the years. Here are several TOP 5 lists that can provide you more details on some of Macon’s most famous and some of the Hollywood spot light that has shined on our city;


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