Top 5 Surprise Macon Facts Part 3

Just when you think that you know everything about Macon, GA, a new surprise pops up!  Here is part 3 of our Top 5 Surprise Macon Facts.

1.  Why would a major hospital choose to be on a street named “Hemlock?” 

There is a section of downtown Macon where the parallel streets are all named for trees (Cherry, Walnut, Poplar, Pine, etc.)  At its intersection with 3rd Street, Oak street suddenly becomes Hemlock Street.  As the story goes, Macon had a “house of ill repute” on this street, that local patrons would simply reference as “going down to Oak Street.” When the Macon Hospital,  now known as The Medical Center-Navicent Health, opened in 1895 it had a Pine Street address. Sometime after this, the main entrance to the hospital was moved another part of the building, which would have given it an Oak Street address. But hospital officials did not want to be associated with “Oak Street” because of its negative connotation. So that’s why Oak becomes Hemlock, even though it’s the same street. Thanks to our Guest Gatekeeper, Ben Sandifer for this fun fact !

2.  Why was the movie “Wise Blood” filmed in Macon? 

This 1979 film was based on a 1952 novel by Flannery O’Connor, so the natural assumption is that filming should be close to O’Connor’s Baldwin County home. But legend has it that director John Huston saw the large neon “Jesus Cares” sign atop the Macon Rescue Mission, and immediately made the decision to shoot much of the movie in Macon.  That sign is visible in several scenes of “Wise Blood.

Wise Blood is one of many feature films to use Macon as its backdrop.  In case you missed it, check out our Top 5 Movies Filmed in Macon.  Thanks to our Guest Gatekeeper Ben Sandifer for this Fun Fact about Macon.

3.  Best tasting water  in the Country

That’s right in 2009 the Macon Water Authority – the city water provider for all of Bibb County won the splashing honor of the best tasting tap water in the nation. The competition is the highest level of a contest conducted by the American Water Works Association. Now, not just any only old water can enter, all samples have to be from winners of the regional best tasting water competition. So what does best tasting water taste like? Preferably nothing according to the panel of judges but we think it tastes like success. Next time you fill a glass from the tap, appreciate Macon’s award winning water.

4.  Paranormal Investigators 

Did you know that Macon has a business that provides paranormal investigation? The question here shouldn’t be why does Macon need a paranormal team, but WHY NOT? Of course, we have Paranormal Investigators here in Middle Georgia. Macon is rich in history and has been a center of civilization for centuries. With all that history comes death and with death comes the potential for paranormal activity. We are sure there are some historic figures that thought hanging around Macon after death was a good idea. We have heard from multiple sources that the Hay House is haunted, as well as the 1842 Inn and the Douglass Theatre. Of course, that is a topic for our TOP 5 Most haunted in Macon list which is coming soon. In the meantime, if you hear a bump in the night or think you have a ghost problem then visit Middle Georgia Paranormal investigators here:

5.  More Churches per Square Mile

There are more churches located in Macon per square mile vs the population that can attend, than any other place in the continental United States. Of the more than 250 congregations in Macon, by far the greatest number has been Baptist, with Methodist a distant second, but increasing numbers of churches are non- or interdenominational.

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