Top 5 Surprise Macon Facts

As a member of the Gateway crew I was asked by the CVB of Macon to participate in the “I Am Macon” program, it’s 3 hours to learn about Macon’s rich history and how to unite and educate the community about the branding of Macon. This also means I got to become a “Macon Tourism Ambassador”.  There are many exciting things to learn about our fair city. Here are the Top 5 Things I learned on this Tour about Macon and its steep history.

1. College Street is named after Wesleyan College 

Bet you thought it was named after Mercer!  The Washington Park Post Office used to be the location of Wesleyan College, and the school moved its current location in 1928.  

2.  Otis Redding wrote the song Respect

I knew Otis Redding was from Macon and knew that he wrote “Sitting on The Dock Of The Bay”, but I never knew he wrote “RESPECT” made famous by the powerhouse vocals of Aretha Franklin.  So next time you hear RESPECT think about the King of Soul instead of the Queen of Soul.

3.  Cotton Avenue is the only diagonal street in Macon

One of Facebook followers, William Derek Watson,  provided us the explanation as to why Cotton avenue is the only diagonal street in the city street grid. In the early days of the city, cotton growers used to come into town from the South and Northwest and drive their wagons down to the river. They started taking a shortcut across the lots that had been laid out by the designers. This shortcut became used by other citizens and became Cotton Avenue.  

4.  There are more Yoshino Cherry Trees in Macon than Japan

Macon out cherry blossoms the place that invented Cherry Blossoms! So, not only is Macon the Cherry Blossom Capital of the country, but it is also the Cherry Blossom capital of the World! Odds are it is the Cherry Blossom capital of the entire universe. It's with good reason that that Macon's biggest festival (and city-wide pink explosion) is named for them. So if you ever thought that Macon exaggerates our Cherry Blossom prominence then think again!

5.  Macon has 14 Historic Districts

Macon has 14 historic districts containing over 5,500 historic buildings. I guess you can thank General Sherman for that one, seems he burnt down a lot of history on his march to the sea except Macon.  This left Macon with more historic buildings than any other city in Georgia.


If you want to know more cool facts about Macon, Georgia, then contact the Macon-Bibb County Convention & Visitors Bureau and ask about signing up for their “I Am Macon” program. We can always use more good will Ambassadors for Macon and if you really know your Macon details then perhaps you can become one of our Guest Gatekeepers!

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