Top 5 Places to Take a Hike - Part 2

With the hustle and bustle of either city or suburban life, sometimes you just have to get out and get back in touch with nature.  A few hour hike is a great way to unwind and Georgia has some great natural and wild places, so here are 5 Places to Take a Hike.

1.  Jackson springs road

This neighborhood park was honorably named after General Andrew Jackson, as he was known to often camp in this area with his fellow troops, the Tennessee Volunteers.  A nature lover’s paradise, you can hike Jackson Springs Road or visit this park that is filled with majestic stone bridges, magnificent stone benches, a mossy brook, and beautiful perennials and evergreens. Shirley Hills’ residents may also plant trees in memorial of loved ones in the park.  The months of January and February are a great time to catch the old-fashioned camellias in bloom underneath the hundred-year-old hardwood trees. 

2.  browns mount

Brown's Mount is a 189-acre limestone-capped mount that rises 500 feet above the Ocmulgee River basin just south of the City of Macon, Georgia.  A short hiking trail (half mile) leads to a scenic overlook of the Macon skyline. A longer trail circles the summit, leading to rock formations, cliffs, and views of the forest below the mount.  Browns Mount provides a scenic view of the Macon skyline and the Ocmulgee River basin. The power plant at Juliette can be seen 30 miles to the north. The Indian mounds at the Ocmulgee National Monument are also visible.


3.  bond swamp national wildlife refuge

Bond Swamp is intended to integrate recreational, historic, and scenic resources along the Ocmulgee. Bond Swamp NWR plays an important role in these efforts because these wetlands and forest provide habitats for year-round and migratory birds, reptiles, white tail deer, beavers, and bobcats, in addition to hardwood and pine forests, and a variety of vegetation.  Visitors to Bond Swamp NWR enjoy bird watching, photography, fishing, hiking, and educational programs.  Fore more information about Bond Swamp -


4.  rose hill and riverside cemetery

Natural beauty beckons as Riverside Cemetery opens wide its gates to families and individuals who wish to enjoy its serene, beautifully-landscaped grounds, footpaths, roads, and vistas. Both cemeteries also offer a cultural landmark, filled with sculptures and monuments. By highlighting the history of the community builders, musicians, teachers, athletes, ministers, public servants, homemakers, aviators, and others who reside here, we offer to our visitors a deep connection to the past and to our community.  The terrain is smooth but there are vast hills and inclines that make for a great hike.

5.  dauset trails

These trails offer beautiful, scenic experiences for hikers and mountain bike enthusiasts of all skill levels!  There are 20 + miles of trails for mountain biking and hiking. Dogs are allowed on our hike and bike trails with a 6 foot leash.  Three categories of trails, beginner, intermediate and advanced, entice all levels of hikers. Routes are marked with way points for each level, and a map is available on the park’s website so a course can be plotted before hikers set out along the scenic trails.

For more information about Dauset Trails -

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