Top 5 Restaurants We Lost in 2015

Restaurants come and go, but it always stings to loose longtime favorites.  Which of these five do you miss the most? We want to know!

1.  Maggio's

It was a sad day for Pasta lovers in Macon when the news spread about the closing of Maggio's.  Maggio's Italian on Bass Road officially closed in Spetember 2015. Everyone was sad to see this place go, it was delicious!! Unfortunately, due to circumstances out of the owners control their lease was up and couldn't be renewed. There was talk about relocating it, let's hope one day that happens!

2.  sticky fingers

Known for hickory-smoked ribs, wings and barbecue pork, Sticky Fingers closed its doors only after 6 years in Macon.  According to an email from Sticky Fingers CEO, John Walker "The location had been underperforming for the past two years, and the company has been working with the landlord on an early lease termination for over a year."

3.  shoki japanese restaurant

For fresh sushi and one of the best hibachi shows around, Macon's Shoki Japanese Restaurant had you covered; until their unexpected and unannounced closing in early 2015.

4.  market city cafe

Market City Cafe, the downtown eatery that had anchored the corner of Third and Cherry Streets for over 8 years, closed its doors for business in November 2015 and moved out of its downtown location.  But don't expect this to be the end of those colossal cakes and scrumptious sandwiches from Market City Cafe. A sign located in the storefront promised a reopening at a new, unnamed location soon.

5.  Ocmulgee Traders

The Sudden and Unexpected closing of Ocmulgee Traders caused rumors to circulate that Ocmulgee Traders would be closing  its downtown Macon store less than two years after it opened.  We personally reached out to co-owner Steve Bell about his feelings on Ocmulgee Traders closing and the impact it will have on downtown  Macon.  According to Bell, "I have shut the doors to the store while I reorganize things before I open back up.  I have several interested parties that are interested in investing in Ocmulgee Traders to make the store stronger.  Ocmulgee Traders has had a great gross profit margin of 24% plus per month; but Ocmulgee Traders needs a little more volume while we wait for the density to increase and there are about 5 (FIVE) residential projects that circle the store.  It is my intent for the store to stay open.  Downtown residents love it, people who are downtown love it and it is sorely needed."  As of January 2016, Ocmulgee Traders has not reopened.

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