Top 5 Macon Backdrops for Christmas Cards

The holidays are upon us, which means in just a few weeks most of us will receive an onslaught of holiday cards from friends and family all over the world.  Here are a few places you can capture memorable moments using your hometown as the backdrop, for a holiday card that people will remember!

1.  tattnall square park

Tattnall Square Park's new fountain is working again after 80 years.  The last time the park was fully restored was 1915, so imagine photographing your holiday moments during this once-in-a-century time!  Capture your family in front of the most beautiful vista in the city. The fountain is amazing by day, but the best time to capture a beautiful shot is at night.

2.  ocmulgee national monument

If your needing some of the best views of Macon's skyline in this year's Christmas Card, Ocmulgee National Monument is the place to go!  Occasionally during the year the Ocmulgee National Monument will have lantern-light tours.  This is an excellent opportunity for those craving the "golden hour" for those spectacular sundown photographs!

3.  historic jackson springs park

The architects designed this community and park with the focus of creating a radiant, picturesque space with a park-like feeling. Located in Historic Shirley Hills, the year-round natural beauty of Jackson Springs Park is a local favorite and attracts many visitors. The park is honorably named after General Andrew Jackson of Tennessee, a charismatic hero of the War of 1812, who camped here with his fellow troops.

4.  amerson river park

Amerson River Park recently received enhancements from a multi-million dollar grant and the construction project wrapped up in July 2015 adding miles of new trails, some of which are paved.  Amerson River Park is 180 acres of pristine forests, meadows, and wetlands surrounded by a river oxbow. The park boasts several high bluffs that provide beautiful views of the river and its banks.

5.  wesleyan college

Located on Forsyth Road in North Macon, Wesleyan College has been a favorite backdrop for Macon photographers for over 30 years.  The campus grounds are noted for its serenity, peacefulness and beautiful flowers and gardens as well as the ponds and wildlife that surrounds the college.

Macon has been home to many beautifully landscaped parks in the past.  Check out this Top 5 and see which parks you remember!