Top 50 Places We Miss Most in Macon

Our walk down memory lane of the TOP 5 Things Missing from Macon was so popular that we released Top 5 Missing from Macon part II. Well, the comments on Gateway Macon’s website and our social media channels were so full other places our followers missed in Macon that we just had to respond.  While we prefer the TOP 5 format, we felt this topic needed something a little different. So, here is the TOP 50 places We Miss the Most in Macon, Georgia. The order is based on our TOP 5 lists and the number of times a specific place was mentioned. Read through the list see how many places you remember and how many you truly miss not having around anymore. At the bottom of the list is a photo gallery of some of the places mentioned...


  1. Len Berg’s
  2. Joshua Cup Coffee
  3. Macon Whoopee
  4. B&W Tobacco
  5. Uncommon Market
  6. Champs aka LR Peppers
  7. The Saratoga
  8. LaVista 
  9. Cag's
  10. Chesapeake Bagel Bakery
  11. The Jesus Cares sign
  12. Le Bistro
  13. Ali's Brick Oven Cafe 
  14. Stephens
  15. The Cellar
  16. Newberries
  17. TK Tripps
  18. Midtown Grill
  19. The Shamrock
  20. Green jacket
  21. Mark's Cellar
  22. Bibb Theatre
  23. Shrimp boat
  24. Pinebrook Inn
  25.  Macon braves
  26. Skippers
  27. Jos Neel Dept Store
  28. 41 Drive In Theatre
  29. Shakeys pizza
  30. Stoney's
  31. Magic Bean
  32. The Coffee Connection
  33. The Cottage
  34. Martin and Miller's
  35. Bealls1860
  36. The Blue Plate
  37. Yamato 
  38. The Checkered Apron
  39. Marie's Restaurant
  40. Cherry Street Poolroom
  41. Howard Johnson
  42. Regal Cinema
  43. The Fountain in Tattnall Park
  44. Granite Welcome sign off I-75
  45. The Douglas House
  46. Denny’s
  47. Dolce Vida
  48. Bert’s Place
  49. Sears
  50. Woolworths