Middle Georgia's Top Animal Activists

Two weeks ago, we asked you to recognize and vote for all of your favorite Local Animal Activists.  We had over 500  submissions from our followers acknowledging all the compassionate people that are angels to the animals in need in Middle Georgia.  These individuals are providing funding, promoting animal welfare campaigns, working in shelters and rescue groups, even adopting animals as their own.  Best of all, they are encouraging individuals all over the area to join in and do the same. 
With over 400 votes we are happy to be able to thank each and every one of the special people on this list that give their time and resources to get Middle Georgia animals happy homes!

Regenia Brabham - Critical Care for Animal Angels

Kerri Klett Fickling - Central Georgia Rescue Coalition

Cherie Hamlin Bland - The Pixel Fund

Libbie Walthall - Maine Lab Rescue

Gina Boselie - Pawsome Southern

Tammy Knowland - Peach County Animal Rescue

Erlene LeBorgne - Maine Lab Rescue

Mary Crawford - All About Animals

Brittany Smith - Furever After Rescue

Karen Penny- Kitty City Cat Rescue

Kristin Reid - Reid Rescue

Erika Johnson - Habitat 4 Hounds

Catherine Wood - MBAW

Debi Moreford Kirkland - Pixel fund

Susan Brantley Helton - SAFE

Debbie Conlon - Bridges to Safety

Lynn Gibbs - FOPAS

Pamela Caldwell

Susan Edge - Susan Edge Photography

Happy Wyatt

Donna Conway - Heart of Ga Humane Society

Julie Blanding- Heart of Ga Humane Society

Jessica Fullmore - Heart of Ga Humane Society

Lucia Carr            

Van Vandewalker

Rachael Pigg

Maria Dorough - Partners for Pets

Amy Adams - Parners for Pets

Janet Smith - Paws for Home and Faith-Shanes War

Shane Smith - Shane's War - Paws for Home and Faith

Vicki Brown

Pat Corley - Save a Pet Inc

Sissy Weiner - STARS GA

Stacey Johnson - ALL RESCUES

Carla Brame - Furever After Rescue

Edwina Barnes - Macon Humane Society

Stacey Nestor - Maine Lab Rescue

Kacey Polk

Kimberly Wilder - Happy Tails Transport

Nan Ashmore - Circle of Friends Animal Society

Lauren Young - Pawsome Southern

Anne Brennam - Macon Purs and Paws

Andrea Tholen - Peach County Animal Rescue

Mary Anderson - Critical Care for Animal Angels

Brandi Elliott - Pawsome Southern

Brian Hardy - Pawsome Southern

Lisa Pang - MBAW

Andrea Freeman - MBAW

AC PUP - Central Georgia CARES                                                                                                                                                      

AC PUP - Mascot and Canine Activist

AC Pup was found nearly frozen as a four week old puppy. I was rescued and now I advocate for animals everywhere! AC Pup works with Central Georgia CARES to help homeless animals and is a staunch advocate, promoting spaying and neutering so we have LESS animals ending up in a shelter. AC's other jobs include educating school children across the region on humane treatment of animals as well as promoting anti-cruelty so we can encourage everyone to be very kind to animals.  AC's biggest job is to promote CARES Homeless Pet Clubs.

 AC PUP with his Dad, Van Vandewalker