Top 5 Places To Get A Slice Of Pizza

As you can imagine, the competition for making the Gatekeepers Top 5 List for Best Slices of Pizza in Macon, Ga. was intense. The survey poll at got over 500 votes and the Gatekeeper team was busy sampling pizza all over town. After much deliberation, input from our social media followers and comments from locals like you the Top 5 List for Best Slice of Pizza is ready for your review!

1. Ingleside Village Pizza

Gateway Macon Ga Top 5 Slice Of Pizza Ingleside Village PizzaIVP is a Macon institution of high quality pizza. They have been putting out a consistently great product for over a decade and regardless of location changes and closing their Mercer Village location, they undoubtably deserve the distinction of being named numero uno on our Top 5 List for best slice of Pizza in Macon, Ga.

It is worth noting that  in our research we found that Ingleside Village Pizza ranks #2 at Trip Advisor for best restaurant in Macon, Ga., They also have baked up a solid 92% positive rating on Urban Spoon. And the final Pepperoni on top: they garnered a 4.3 out of 5 stars on Google+. Its not only a crowd favorite in Macon but here at Gatekeer HQ as well!

Congratulations to Ingleside Village Pizza for being selected as #1 on our Top 5 list for best slice of pizza!

Read our full review of Ingleside Village Pizza here.


2.  Doughboy Pizza

Gateway Macon Ga Top 5 Slice Of Pizza Doughboy PizzaAs evident by its number two slot, Doughboy makes one great pizza, made even better by their signature beer crust. This downtown eatery busted onto the Macon pizza scene in 2013 and has been a favorite since its opening day thanks in part to it's stellar downtown location. It's worth mentioning that Doughboy fans are so smitten that they grabbed the number 2 spot in our poll and they aren't even open right now! That's right they are currently in the process of moving from their corner Cherry Street location to a storefont on 518 Cherry Street, just a couple doors up. 

We look forward for more delicious pizza to come from this family owned pizza business living the motto “Eat Local, Eat Fresh."



3.  Main Street Pizza

Main Street Pizza might not be a name you know, but the location is one that you will surely recognize: the former location of Jennoley's Pizza. Main Street Pizza is now under new management with a new vibe. While it hasn't been open long, Main Street fans were ardent voters in our poll, earning them the number 3 slot. 

The eatery is open for lunch and dinner and serves up live music along with slices of pizza. They deliver up a lunch special that's hard to beat too! Two slices and a drink for under $5.00

We look forward to more cheesy goodness from Main Street Pizza, and are happy to crown them the bronze spot on our Top 5 list. 



4. Greek Corner Pizza

Gateway Macon Ga Top 5 Slice Of Pizza Greek Corner PizzaGreek Corner Pizza has been perfecting their pizza for many years at various locations around Macon. In the current location on Vineville Ave, Greek Corner Pizza has hit on a winning formula that produces a consistently great slice of pizza that is sure to please even the most discerning pizza lover.

They receive favorable rating on Urban Spoon and Trip Advisor and took a high position in our survey poll. Our Gatekeepers loved the abundance of cheese and gave the crust high marks. 



5.  Sauced at Mercer Village

Gateway Macon Ga Top 5 Pizza Sauced At Mercer VillageSauced, in the former location of Ingleside Village Pizza in Mercer Village, has an expanded menu complete with gooey calzones, savory sammies, meatball bites and of course specialty pies.  With a location that can't be beat, Sauced is a must visit for Mercer Students. But what really makes Sauced worthy of our list is their commitment to the product, all breads and  their speciality sauces is made in house everyday! An added bonus: Sauced boasts the widest selection of beers in town!


Honorable Mentions 

Macon Pizza Company (Formerly Digiorgio's)

Gateway Macon Top 5 Slice Of Pizza DiGiorgio‚Äôs PizzaMacon Pizza Company just fell short of the Top 5 and along with our other honroable mention (see below) it is located away from the downtown area. Macon Pizza Company offers up the only Mom & Pop New York style fold it over and eat it pizza.  Dough is made fresh daily in-store, and cheese is 100 percent fresh mozzarella.

Yelp and Google+ reviews both attest that Macon Pizza Company is the number one stop for pizza while out on Zebulon Rd catching a flick. They earn 4 out of 5 stars on Yelp and have a 3.9 out of 5 rating on Google+.

Read our full review of Macon Pizza Company here!



Mellow Mushroom

Gateway Macon Ga Top 5 Slice Of Pizza Mellow MushroomWhile not a native of Macon, Georgia, Mellow Mushroom was founded in the early 70’s right up the road in Atlanta, Georgia. They opened their Macon location a few years ago and have been putting out a solid slice of pizza ever since. Overall, Mellow Mushroom had a good showing on all the resources used to create this Top 5 list and there is a lot of love out there for the entire franchise here in Georgia. It is with great pleasure and a few pizza burps that grant Mellow Mushroom an honorable mention on our Top 5 list!


This Top 5 list was solely focused on the best slice of pizza and did not take into consideration factors such as location, restaurant ambiance, delivery service or other food items served. All those areas will be covered in future Top 5 list of the best Macon has to offer.    

-Your Gatekeepers


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