Top 5 Restaurants For Dining Nostalgia

I was talking to my friend from Brooklyn and he was telling me how he'd love to show me around New York some day.  Did he talk about the Statue Of Liberty, Times Square, and the Empire State Building?  Nope.  He started listing all the restaurants we would eat at.  Where we eat isn't just where we fill our bellies, or even our favorite desserts.  These restaurants become part of our memories of good times with friends and family, and so become a part of us.

These are the places we ate at with our parents, and now take our children.  These are the places we went with our college friends after soul-crushing finals.  These are the places we take our out-of-town guests.  And these are the places that become appointment dining for Middle Georgians returning from faraway lands.  "I'm here to go to Nu-Way, Fincher's, and God Save Krystal!"  I swear to you, those were the first words out of my uncle's mouth when he returned from North Dakota after 15 years.

So here are the Top 5 Restaurants for food with a heaping helping of nostalgia.

1-Nu-Way Weiners - Cotton Avenue

Gateway Macon Ga Top 5 Restaurants Nostalgia Nu-Way Weiners

Nu-Way first started selling hot dogs way back in 1916!  Did you know that makes them the second oldest hot dog stand in America?  They have 9 locations across Middle Georgia, but it's the one on Cotton Avenue where it all started.  Since then the demand for slaw dogs, chili dogs, and hot dogs "all the way" has never slowed.  Nu-Way was even featured on The Travel Channel's Hot Dog Havens.

430 Cotton Ave., Macon, GA

2-Fincher's Barbeque - Houston Avenue

Gateway Macon Ga Top 5 Nostalgia Restaurants Finchers  Barbeque

Fincher's Bar-B-Q has been serving pulled pork since 1935, and is still going strong.  They have 4 locations, but when people return home to Macon, they go to the Houston Avenue location.  They're known as "Barbeque out of this world" because NASA astronaut Sonny Carter took their barbeque with him on a space shuttle mission in 1989!  Now THAT'S dedication!

3947 Houston Ave., Macon, GA

3-H & H Restaurant - Forsyth Street

Gateway Macon Ga Top 5 Nostalgia Restaurants H&H Restaurant

You can't talk about nostalgic dining in Macon without talking about H & H restaurant.  A classic "meat and three", H & H Restaurant was opened in 1959 by Inez Hill, “Mama Hill,” and Louise Hudson, "Mama Louise."  The owners are famous for helping out the Allman Brothers when they were struggling musicians.  Recently named "Most iconic restaurant in the state of Georgia" by, H & H Restaurant has been frequented by the Allman Brothers band, Otis Redding, Little Richard, many other musicians and even Oprah Winfrey.  Just check out their wall of fame when you visit.

807 Forsyth Street, Macon, GA

4. Fresh Air Bar-B-Que - Jackson, Georgia

Gateway Macon Ga Top 5 Nostalgia Dining Fresh Air Barbeque

Serving up fine barbeque since 1929, it's no wonder this restaurant is appointment dining for those who come home to the Middle Georgia area for a visit.  Slow-cooked overnight in a traditional wood burning pit, their pork barbeque is hailed throughout the state and beyond.  Add in their famous Brunswick stew and sweet coleslaw, and you'll be happy you made the drive.  For Maconites, they have a location on Riverside Drive that includes barbeque chicken and ribs.

1164 Highway 42 S   Jackson, GA
3076 Riverside Drive Macon, GA

5-The Rookery - Cherry Street

Gateway Macon Ga Top 5 Nostalgia Dining Rookery

Being established in 1976 makes The Rookery the newest restaurant on this list.  Being at the center of downtown, they're right in the middle of all the Good Things that are going on in Macon, from revitalized urban development to our rising film industry.  Be sure to check out their big-name dishes like the Allman Burger, James Brown's Black And Blue Burger, and the Jimmy Carter Burger.

543 Cherry Street, Macon, GA

-Your Gatekeepers

You can find more dining down Memory Lane in Part 2 of our Dining Nostalgia series!

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