Top 5 Business Tips From a Cold Beer

The Chrysalis Experience is Brewing Business at the Macon Beer Company in 2016. You’d be surprised what you could learn from a cold one. Take a look at 5 valuable lessons from the glass that can help you go far in business.

1.  If you don’t pull the tap, nothing will come out.

You can’t just sit the glass under there and expect something to happen. With a little bit of E-F-F-O-R-T, you may just end up with something beautiful and tasty.

2.  Balance is key. 

Too much head is no good. In the same vein, you gotta have that perfect amount of head on it for it to be a good pour. If you mess it up, feel free to pour some out until you get it right. Work. Life. Balance.


3.  Diversify your palate.

Successful people try new things and take more risks than the average person. You can’t say you don’t like something if you haven’t tried it.

4.  Take pride in your craft.

If you do something, always do it well. You can tell the difference from what's made and what's manufactured. A craft is a gift.


5.  Another round, please!

Saying the glass is half empty doesn’t make you a pessimist. It just means you’re almost ready for more. Another round, please!

Wanna learn more? Join the Chrysalis Experience at Macon Beer Company for the 2016 Brewing Business Opportunity Series.

This four-part series will explore untapped areas for business and professional growth set in the context of craft beer. Great event for aspiring entrepreneurs, business professionals, or the curious types. Private tour, specialty brew tasting, food, and gifts included with admission. Must be 21 to participate in tasting.

For tickets, visit and follow on social media @thechrysx.