Top 5 GPS Nightmares in Macon

By Guest Gatekeeper Ben Sandifer, read about Ben>>

Macon is famous for its streets that change names. Even with GPS systems, it has to be somewhat difficult for outsiders to figure out how to get around in Macon.


1. Forsyth/vineville/hardeman avenue/washington avenue

Forsyth Road becomes Vineville Avenue, and then becomes either Hardeman Ave., Georgia Ave. or Forsyth St., depending on which way you’re going, and then Hardeman Ave. becomes Washington Ave.


2. columbus road/montpelier avenue

Columbus Road becomes Montpelier Ave., unless you bear to the right on Mercer University Dr., which eventually becomes Little Richard Penniman Blvd.


3. Broadway/Martin Luther King Jr./Broadway

It’s fairly easy to follow those numbered streets downtown, like 1st, 2nd and 3rd, but was there ever a 4th street? If so, it became Broadway, which became Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd., but turns back into Broadway

4. pio nono/pierce avenue

Pio Nono (perhaps the most mis-pronounced street by outsiders) becomes Pierce Avenue. Pio Nono was named for Pope Pius IX and Pierce was a Methodist bishop, and the change occurs at Vineville Baptist Church. Only in Macon.

5. oak street/hemlock street

Oak Street and Hemlock are the same street, but local legend has it that when the Macon Hospital was built, the founders did not want it to be associates with Macon’s red light district, usually known simply as “Oak Street.”  So, instead they came up with a poisonous plant for the hospital’s new address.