Top 5 Most Haunted Areas in Middle Georgia

The depth of history in Georgia helps this wonderful state to be one of the most paranormally active in the country. History, recent or in the distant past, goes hand in hand with paranormal activity of all types. The rich history of Georgia keeps this Guest Gatekeeper VERY busy helping those in need with various paranormal occurrences. Here in the heart of Georgia we have an abundant amount of reported activity and the following is my Top 5 list of areas in Middle Georgia with large amounts of paranormal activity.


1.  Historic Downtown Macon, GA

Historic downtown Macon is saturated with ongoing paranormal occurrences. Many residents within the beautiful historic homes have learned to coexist and share their worlds with the spirits that reside there. Each home within this area has an individual story to tell, some of the homes still have previous residents telling their own stories. History and paranormal activity engulf this location from the streets above to the tunnels below that run under the streets connecting to the Ocmulgee River. The thoroughfares within this area are filled with long told stories and experiences of the paranormal, making this the top spot of paranormal activity in Middle Georgia.

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2. Central State Hospital in Milledgeville, GA

Central State first opened in 1842 as Georgia’s first public psychiatric hospital. Throughout the course of many years laws about the care of patients at this location has evolved as well as the buildings which make up this hospital complex. This gatekeeper knows firsthand this location does not allow any type of paranormal investigations at any of the abandoned buildings on the complex property. (THOUGH I am always open for any type of access.) These abandoned buildings have been rumored to be haunted for decades and complied personal experiences easily surpass into the hundreds. Some claims come from golfers adjacent to the property constantly hearing screams coming from certain abandoned buildings. These claims can range from a simple visual anomaly from a bystander to eerie feelings and sounds. The Central State Complex does not offer one particular spirit or horrendous event, but a correlation of many years of anguish.

3. The OLd Taylor Memorial Hospital in Hawkinsville, GA

The Old Taylor Memorial Hospital would be considered more of a location rather than an area, but the old abandoned building demands attention in central Hawkinsville. The very appearance of this hospital speaks in volume to the type of paranormal occurrences that happen here. Many generations of young adults have attempted to enter into this location to confirm or erase suspicions of the paranormal. In recent years, a new owner now allows for paranormal investigations to occur at this location. With new access, every investigation at this location results in more evidence and personal experiences to support this location being a hot bed of paranormal activity.

4. The Ocmulgee National Monument in Macon, GA

To date, the Ocmulgee National Monument is a beautiful location to spend any spring day. The park offers tours and trails to explain with great detail the history of the monument. Let’s be realistic though, with 17,000 years of continuous human habitation this area was destined to be a paranormal hot spot. No one can deny that a majority of the Native American people functioned on a higher level of spiritual existence. To be bold, I would suggest the Native Americans heaved down a lot of spiritual energy which has imprinted to the very land this monument is on. The stamp left on this area is why there is not a shortage of paranormal evidence within this beautiful park.

5. The Little Towaliga River Area in Forsyth, GA

Current residents along this river can still occasionally dig Native American artifacts from the land they now claim as their own. This area of Forsyth astonished me with the large amount of paranormal on goings that cannot be explained. I myself heard the beat of drums in an isolated location along this river that I could not explain. All paranormal evidence collected in this region points directly to previous Native American inhabitants.

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