Top 5 Haunted Places To Visit

Two decades ago it would have been considered taboo to talk about, "ghosts". This gatekeeper personally remembers being in high school and hiding my interest in the paranormal from everyone because I was terrified of the judgment I would receive. Thankfully, various television shows and continuous exposure have put the paranormal field to the fore front of acceptance and discussion. I believe we can all agree there is an abundance of interest in the paranormal field these days, but what if you just want to sample the paranormal field? There are numerous location that offer public ghost hunts for the inexperienced and here is a list of the top five most haunted locations for public ghost hunts in the southeast.

Written By: Shannon Ray
Founder and Director of Middle Georgia Paranormal Investigations



1. old south pittsburg hospital

Old South Pittsburg Hospital: South Pittsburg, TN: Old South Pittsburg Hospital is well known for being one of the most haunted locations in Tennessee, if not the entire south. Paranormal groups come from all over the country to experience the very haunted halls and rooms of Old South Pittsburg Hospital. This location is a personal favorite of this gatekeeper, but the hospital occasionally offers public ghost hunts and special events. For a small drive and a little money anyone can join in on these public ghost hunts or events. Old South Pittsburg Hospital is the perfect place for anyone on the fence about believing in the paranormal. Once you leave these haunted halls all doubts in the paranormal field will be absolutely gone.


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2. The Crime and Punishment Museum

The Crime and Punishment in Ashburn, GA: Georgia's old Turner County Jail is now the Crime and Punishment Museum and has many wonderful historic and paranormal features to offer. Located in the heart of Ashburn, this location is a quaint and haunted place for anyone hoping to experience something paranormal. The ghost hunts are facilitated by a very kind gentleman named Ben Baker. The only fee Mr. Baker expects from anyone who comes to experience the old jail and the current "inmates", is a small donation to help maintain this historical location.


For more information contact Ben Baker at 1-229-567-9696

3. The Old Taylor Memorial Hospital

The OId Taylor Memorial Hospital in Hawkinsville, GA: Many generations of young adults have attempted to enter into this location to confirm or erase suspicions of the paranormal. In recent years, a new owner now allows for paranormal investigations to occur at this location. With new access, every investigation at this location results in more evidence and personal experiences to support this location being a hot bed of paranormal activity. This location also offers public ghost hunts for those looking to get their feet wet in the paranormal field. This gatekeeper can assure that you will not walk away disappointed.


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4. Waverly Hills

Waverly Hills in Louisville, KY: For anyone looking to experience a massively haunted location Waverly Hills might be worth the drive. Waverly Hills opened in 1910 as a two story hospital and now is a closed sanatorium that stands eerily against the horizon. This location has activity on a regular basis and can be experienced by anyone. This historical locations offers numerous tours and hunts that is open to anyone who wants to experience the paranormal.


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5. old city jail

Haunted Jail Tour in Charleston, SC: Charleston is worth the drive if only for the experience of the historical city itself, but the Old City Jail offers any who dare an opportunity to experience the paranormal.  The Old City Jail was operational from 1802 until 1939 and housed a variety of inmates and dark secrets. The Old City Jail offers tours and the opportunity for those experienced and inexperienced to  come into the facility to search for answers.

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