Top 5 Things for New Love on Valentine's Day

There is really no stopping Cupid's fat little arrow sometimes. I remember when I was younger I loathed Valentine's Day... but that's a story better told over stiff drinks.... Now that I'm married to a fabulous man Valentines Day is a little different. I remember that new love feeling, butterflies in my stomach, head in the clouds and everything was beautiful.  If you're in a new relationship and think this could be the one... why not show your love by pulling out all the stops. Here is a TOP 5 list of things to do for NEW love on Valentines Day. Or if you have been in a LTR forever, then please read our TOP 5 for Old Love here>>>

1. Super Romantic Dinner

Dinner is something most couples do for Valentines Day, either the day of or the day before, or if you're like my husband a week late. What person doesn't like a special occasion meal? If you really want to impress your lady friend, make the reservations yourself. Don't ask what we would like, this is one holiday we would enjoy if you took free reign. We even made this easy for you, as we already picked the Top 5 Places to Eat for Valentine's Day.

3. Romantic Packages at the Macon Marriott

With new love you always want to explore new things. So staying at home may not be the best option for Valentine's Day. The Macon Marriott has a great option. They are offering 2 overnight packages for Valentine's Day. This really takes the guess work out of Valentine's Day so you and your love can just enjoy each other. The packages starts off at $179 for the Night of Dinner and Romance Package and the Love and Laughter Package is $139 both include rooms and special amenities. 

See packages here

5. Bashinski

I honestly don't know of a woman who doesn't love just  a little sparkle. If you are looking to make a really good impression or if you have recently made some unfortunate decisions. This could be your saving grace. For a woman a piece of jewelry is much more that a shiny bauble it signifies a memory or a good time. The professional staff at Bashinski's can help you pick out the perfect gift within your budget. They are also offering a great Valentine's Day gift giveaway, so if you feel lucky check it out.  For more jewelry options check out our Top 5 list for local designers.

2. Lawrence Mayer Florist

I know what you're saying.. DUH, Flowers are a must. But some of the less fortunate ones might not have a clue. You can go with a traditional bouquet or you could opt for something completely out of the norm like Gerber Daisies which are fun and colorful and don't give off that "I LOVE YOU" vibe. Also, not every woman likes Roses, my friend actually prefers Lilies to Roses any day. Just make sure you know your new love well enough and make sure she's not allergic to flowers. We have found the folks at Lawrence Mayer  always have some creative solutions for unique flower arrangements.

4. Cirque D'Or

This is a show that can get the heart pumping. What a fun and different way of celebrating Valentine's Day with someone you love. This show has over 30 acrobats and performers. This amazing show brings you beautiful costumes, dynamic sound and lighting, and the world’s greatest talent assembled on one stage.  Featuring a cast of world champion acrobats, contortionists, and aerial artists from around the world, this award winning spectacle will leave you breathless. This action packed presentation delivers incredible talent beyond your wildest imagination.

You can purchase tickets click here.

Honorable Mention: Macon Baking Company

You know the old saying "A way to  a man's heart is through his stomach" well it's true for women too. Who doesn't love getting sweets from their sweetheart on Valentines Day. Head over to The Macon Baking Company and pick up some of their delicious treats, or better yet call them and have a special cake made to show your love just how you feel.