Top 5 Presidential Visits to Macon


Its not every day that the President of the United States of America visits your Hometown. Here in Macon we have hosted our fair share of Presidents. Here is our Gatekeeper's TOP 5 List for the most notable Presidents that have visited Macon, Ga.


1.  On October 15, 1984, President Ronald Reagan (1981 to 1989) made a campaign stop in Macon, giving a campaign speech on the steps of City Hall. By his side during the speech was Macon's Mayor George Isreal. The campaign event also featured a performance at the Gatlin brothers band. This was the first Presidential visit to Macon since 1973 and it was one of the largest crowds of any Presidential visit. 

2.  Bill Clinton (1993 to 2001) made a campaign stop in Macon, Ga on October 26th, 1996. He was accompanied by Mayor Jim Marshall at the corner of 1st Street and Cherry street. President Clinton was given a Macon Whoopee hockey jersey to commemorate his visit to Macon Ga. Clinton commented that he was going to give the Macon Whoopee Jersey to his wife Hillary as a birthday gift.

3.  Lyndon B. Johnson (1963 to 1969) visited Macon, Ga. on October 26th, 1964. President Johnson gave a speech on the steps of City Hall where he was accompanied by then Senator Herman Talmadge.

4.  George W. Bush  (2001 to 2009) came to Macon, Georgia in October of 2006 in support of a reception for then Congressional candidate Mac Collins. He gave a speech at the Macon Centreplex. Despite a visit from President Bush Mac Collins lost the 2006 election to Former Macon Mayor Jim Marshall.


5.  Richard M. Nixon (1969 to 1974) visited Macon, Ga. on November 18th, 1973 to give a speech at the 100th anniversary of the Walter F. George school of law at Mercer University. President Nixon spoke at Mercer's main campus in Willingham chapel. Less than a year later Nixon resigned amid the Watergate scandal. 

Just Missed the list: We could not find an instance of President Jimmy Cater visiting Macon during his term as President. Before and After his term as President he has visited Macon on numerous occasions.